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To give you guide to Inscription

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 You need to learn how to work well with your partners, and through practicing you can develop the synergy needed to become successful. You will eventually know what your partner is going to do before he does it. You will know how he will react in a wide variety of situations. Through practice, you will learn how and when to get aion gold, shatters, and defenses. While some people are talented enough to just do their 10 games a week and soar to high ratings, the average person needs to perform more than the 10 games a week for points.
And besides that, Ley-Guardian Eregos would be the easiest boss in the game because of the bronze drake. Only Nozdormu could possibly become close to complete time control (and travel, unless Chromie is far more powerful than we think--she is in multiple places we do not know about yet, along with Wyrmrest and Andorhal), and therefore no other Bronze/Infinite Dragon could be capable of stopping or slowing time permanently.