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Fill the jug with water from a water source in Ardougne

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Plague City Requirement needed: Dwellberry (spawns at McGrubor’s Wood), Rope (bought aion kinah from Arhein in Catherby, Ned in Draynor Village, or the General Store in East Ardougne), Chocolate dust [use a pestle & Mortar on a Chocolate bar to receive a Chocolate dust (Chocolate bar: obtainable inside Cooking Guild and also some grocery stores sell them, Pestle & Mortar: can be purchased at all Herblaw shops], 4 buckets of water (fill up four empty buckets at a water source), spade (there’s one in Falador in an isolated house, one in Draynor Mansion, and one in the house where you start this quest), Milk (use an empty bucket on a cow), Snape grass (spawns at the peninsula of Hobgoblins right next to the Crafting Guild)

After the talk, head up north to East Ardougne. Acquire a jug and normal logs (a hatchet can be bought at the General store in Ardougne). Fill the jug with water from a water source in Ardougne. Then head to the south entrance of Ardougne Zoo.

Reward: 2425 mining exp, Magic scroll (read the scroll immediately after you receive it. After reading the scroll, you’ll be able to use the Ardougne Teleport magic spell)