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Now you can consider yourself engaged in combat of the online game

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Engaging in Combat: Once you’re in your team’s starting room, gather some bandages (heals our hp when used aion online gold) and pass through the energy barrier. Now you can consider yourself engaged in combat.

As your whole team begins to spread themselves out among the castle, you can choose to either defend your team’s flag against oncoming enemies or try to infiltrate through the enemy’s castle to capture their flag.

Each teams’ flag is located on the top most floor of their castle. Either option you choose, to defend or infiltrate, you may want to consider gathering up some extra war items.

Event: Vines start to spread out around you (general).

Npc: Tangled Vine

Respond with: Don’t move.

Effect if responded: The vine will slowly repel.

Effect if left ignored: Nothing will happen if you don't do anything. Otherwise, moving will get you attacked.

Event: A fish jumps from the water and scatters your fishing equipment (specific).

Npc: Black big fish

Respond with: Nothing you can do.

Effect if responded: Just pick up the equipment that the fish scattered.

Effect if left ignored: Other player might pick up your equipment after an amount of time. If they don't, your equipment will disappear anyways after a time limit.