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Double-hand Weapons Compared

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 In the spirit movement, we can see a lot of cute baby wizard, there are much beautiful lovely equipment, as well as pull the wind and very practical skills. In short, the factors that attract thousands of players,weapons (aion kinah), in addition to the wizard is most helpful to us than the baby's things. Whether fight boss or assistance, no weapons, we all like living in a dark room as dark eyes.
Arms and hands and arms with one hand, by definition, are to use a single hand-held weapons or dual wield weapons. The dual wielding weapons, which can be subdivided into two streams and massive two knives, movement such as the wizard in the Ranger and Assassin, they can be equipped with a dagger while side equipment firearms, according to the skills of self-adjustment arms holding different order; and two knives flow, where movement was reflected in the wizard is not obvious. We only know the second stream is also armed with two knives, knife fighting in a school on it.