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Daeva Armor Guide in Aion

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 Why is it that to get all the armor (aion kinah) you have to get other toons to 30 and send it to the one you want to have it all? There should be quests to get a different piece.
There is a chance to get a piece from a world drop in the abyss but we would not bank on it. The time it would take you to grind mobs and get the full set would be longer than just leveling 4 alts to 30 in Aion.
You go to sanctum and get a quest from Sonirium and then you go to verteron and talk to some old guy and he tells you to go to sanctum and talk with a shugo in the docks and then the shugo tells you to talk to a lady by the port and you have to buy something from a shop behind the crafting area before you talk to her.
After you talk to her, she tells you to talk to a class preceptor in crafting area and to fill Ur DP to 4,000 and then you are finally offered a piece of armor. Please buy professional aion kinah service on our site.
We have full daeva armor set and the quest is slightly annoying, but after you do the armor quest and have all 5 pieces you get to do the daeva weapon quest. It is very long and annoying and you have to pay 1mill for the weapon in the end.