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Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts

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 Rogue overall has become the weakest class on its own. It very much relies on partners to assist to enable them to do their job; on their own their utility compared to hunters, dikes, mages, and priests is laughable. Although I do understand it should be based on group pvp, but common, rogues use to be the solo class, now we need a team of people holding our hand to be viable. There are players who will buy aion gold of a lower level player just so they do not have to start off at level zero. It takes a ton of work to level-up characters. Going from one level to another can take hours and hours of play. Now you can be rewarded in real-life with money too.
Well, considering that both Ulduar and Ice Crown Citadel (the zones at least) were all but confirmed as done, but were intestinally held back because they Did not want to make the same mistakes as with TBC and have long periods in between new raid content (like we did from Black Temple to Sunwell Plateau). So that means that outside of the standard polish pass that they have done with everything else.