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Though we are immortal, none of us are invulnerable.

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Good day, one and all! As all Daevas know, death is a bummer. Though we are immortal, none of us are invulnerable. From the gracious Lady Siel and the mighty Lord Israphel on down to the lowliest of fledgling Daevas, from whole legions like the Storm Legion to whole cities like Kurngalfberg, uncountable numbers have been lost. Perhaps you've suffered a massacre yourself? This being Atreia Remembers… week, we sent our intrepid reporter, Riksha Ranapower to Pandaemonium's Apellbine Tavern to survey some of the local Daevas on death. "I'll tell YOU something. Dying HURTS. What's the most pain you've felt, Rishhhhka? Eh? Whassa Mascrara? Massacre? Haaa... I remember one massacre... " In celebration of Atreia Remembers… week, the high councils of Sanctum and Pandaemonium have agreed to offer out various items to remind all of our brave Daevas just how not fun dying actually is. This week should be spent in remembrance of all those we have loved and lost, and to ensure that no more lives are needlessly wasted.