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No clerics ever want to join or anyone else for that matter.

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Everyone (Gladiators) don't want this nerf and no one has asked for it. Why would you destroy an instance by making people kill useless bosses that drop green / blue gear that no one wants just to fight commander bakarma? Its bad enough that you have to fight him over 10000000000000000000 times just to get the polearm.

I don't mind killing bosses and don't mind working hard to get the weapon but other people do because they have no reason to do the instance. The weapons dropped there suck in comparison to lannok except for bakarma polearm. Lannok has the fenris or miragent triroan quests there while bakarma has only 1 weapon worth getting.

No clerics ever want to join or anyone else for that matter. People would rather afk and do nothing than do a 10-15 min boss run. The drop rate is so bad that anyone would need a minimum of 10 runs just to get the weapon if they are lucky. Recruiting group takes at least 1 hour and thats a lot of time if you ask me and doesn't surprise me at all since almost all weapons at udas / BT are better than his weapons in every way possible.

Some say " Take level 50s with you" I have no problem going with level 50s but even they don't want to kill him because he is too hard for them and they would need experience on how to fight him without dying with their 4-6k hp.

Its better to leave the instance as it is and not nerf it or at least give commander bakarma some decent drop rate and better weapons considering that he is stronger than DP A boss and has crap loot.