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Aion current motivation

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My subject is based on my personal opinion on the current motivation in the game according to spatalos server of course and i would like to state some facts which i really hope to see your opinions and how much do

you agree .

First : motivation changing

After realising 2.0 everyone was motivated to play aion spend more time to improve gear to try out new instance and to have master in professions such as cooking/alchemy etc etc .. you know those goals which

keeps the game going , But after double exp event i think most of active players reached the capcity in everything gathering,profession,level .

So they started to feel boring they want something new .

2nd : Events

To be honest the recent Events were terrible , i had no pleasure being part of them , so far my fav event was the halloween where we get l75 stone when kill the shugos 10 times and i remeber l75 was like 1.2kk in the

broker people had the chance to improve , but recent events there was no economic income just time waste .

3rd : Rifting

I heard the rifting has been nerfed which gives me a real reason not to bother making alts and as you know aion depend on patchs and when you get what satisfie you basicly think of making an alt .

4th : Aion 2.5

The options are increasing players are waiting for 2.5 and no date is approved some say march some say june and no announcement from staff .

Friends of mine saying that they will quit if 2.5 will not arrive in march they say we might come back at 2.5 if we couldnt find what replace aion enjoyment .

So i ask aion staff politely and gently and kindly to provide us an approx date.

Thats all my points and im sorry for taking long just had those thoughts in mind for long time and thanks for reading.