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The precision of the guider system

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 The Capacitor of Tempest has a capacity of 5312 units, completely recharges in 1154.8 seconds. The guider system operates at a distance of 62.5 kilometers, can have 7 simultaneous targets. Speed of aiming at the target is of 6.75 seconds, the precision of the guider system is 1 cm, the power of buy aion kinah sensors is 19 units, and the signature is of 340 m.
The armor itself has 6211 hp, and has resistance of 60% to electromagnetic impulses, 10% to explosives, 25% to kinetic shock waves and 35% to thermal damage.
The Shield of the ship has 6954 hp, is not resistant to electromagnetic impulses, and has resistance of 50% to explosives, 40% to kinetics, 20% to fire.
Fitting Options there are slots 856 and 6 attachments for turrets, 4 attachments for launchers, 3 modification slots.
There are several variations of Tempest: Verger, Tempest Tribal Issue, and Tempest Fleet Issue.