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The Two Major Events

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aion kinah can be used helpfully for the game. Hey guys, now here is a guide for all the Run escape players. The guide explained two major events in the game.
The power level hopes it will be helpful for you. Hope you will like it. Just have fun in the wonder game! Faldo Massacre: It is one of the worst days in the history of runescape. Someone hacked runescape and made everything pap.
Chaos and savagery ran through the streets and the woods of runescape. No one was safe from getting attacked. The only thing you could do was bank your items before you died. Billions in items were lost. Thousands of people died.
Runescape Rebellion - The day that runescape decided to take away so many privileges from runescape members is beyond me. This day everyone was yelling and screaming at jagged. Even you are a Moderator along with several others is very upset and mad. Thousands of players quit.
People were selling items way under price for practically free. The rebellion itself had no effect on jagged. They kept there retarded rules, and made several ways of runescape life disappear from existence such as me chanting, piping, clan battles, and several others.
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