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Get through the pirate gate

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 These bonuses make them simply irreplaceable in the fleet, where they can heal other ships. Thus, the ships Onerous and Guardian have bonus on reducing the use of power grid, and the ships and Scimitar have a bonus to reduced consumption of the CPU. This allows to maximally fitting T2 healers with treating modules. Applying their initial aion gold to the range of treatment, these ships can treat selected targets at a distance of 71 km in fact remaining far beyond the battlefield, and without danger from the enemy ships. Most of the enemy ships would have a smaller range of their guns.
When you just go out of the gate, your ship has advantages over the pirates waiting for it you can see them for 30 seconds, but they do not see your ship, yet. And during the period of after jump invisibility your ship can follow any direction you do not have to turn the ship, you can speed it up to anywhere. So, during these 30 seconds you are stronger and should use this time reasonably. It is better to break through to another gate as quickly as possible.