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Frost Hammer and Stun Hammer

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  Knights and warriors in general have a very high attack and adding a max of 100, wouldn’t really change your damage too much, it may be useful at first, but later its use doesn’t become apparent. This is only for pre-Reset builds. That is usefulness, is doubled by Cut down, so cut down does the job of 2, and this skill is left in the dark. This is one of the only ranged skills for Knights, if you want it for PvP you can get aion kinah, but otherwise it doesn’t do much damage, and it doesn’t stun or do much else in PvP. There is some use for this skill to launch enemies up, and in PvP, if you get close enough just knock them up instead of losing a chance with cut down. Just keep it because you have the points anyway. Though one would think these skills are good for PvP, especially Frost Hammer and Stun Hammer. You need to get close to use them, and you’re dead if you get that close.