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Spiritmaster of Aion

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As the eternal tower only call professional in Aion. Elves and the tao have star of similar nature, but the star of their ability to most dependent on pets. They and the magic word star, with low survivability. But the biggest drawback is attack on single-point attack, so no one can strike reversal of global skills (aion gold). What kind of player needs to star elves qualities? Elves are careful to star ability of handling. When in hunting constantly check yourself, pets and monsters, adjust the strength, it needs not only hostility judgment, still must have good skills. Also is a mage turned into the magic word and star and elves, although it is similar to the star professional group, but need completely different style of play, this had to say a satire.
With professional players to call for the elves, the eternal tower is easy to star. It is suitable for single-player career, therefore recommend like alone safely hunting the player chooses a career. Not suitable for such style player: Want to deliver a player, or the hope, do not suggest PvP choose a career. Elves are single point of monster stars, and the speed of hunting in the mage is also not very soon. Due to the pet, and thus totally dependent on in PvP and fortress war cannot play too big effect. Like the high damage output and choice of players, suggest mage turned in the way when voldemort choice.