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I am still so silly

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I remember when I first set foot in FF11, and I was attracted by the lovely images. I had to admit this online game was really suitable for me.
But later I was lonely in this game, and I also did not like to do the tasks with my partners, because I did not want to become a burden on them. So they would not share with me when someone in our union earned aion kinah. I did not want to blame anyone, and I was really too stupid.
Until I met you, the game for me had another kind of meaning. You were the best friend of my brother. In summer holiday you went to my home to play with my brother. When I played FF11, you sit next to me for a long time. I knew you must laugh at me in your mind.
In fact everyone in this game wanted to upgrade their levels and earn aion power leveling. I was still that person. So when you said that you wanted to take me to exercise, I was not hesitating to agree. In fact you did not know how silly you were. I only can bring trouble to you. I told you my situation, and you only smile.
My brother told me that you were a master in this game. I was happy when I heard about this. I requested you to teach me some skills, but you said to me that you forgot your number and code of your number. I was a little disappointed.
Later one month you did not come to my home. I asked my brother to invite you to our home. But my brother said to me that you travelled to another place. In fact at that time I really hated you. How could you break the promise between us?
Until one day you come to my home, and in order to express your sincerity, you gave me some cheap gold. It was useful for me, so I decided to forgive you. We started to get together to exercise. Just as my brother said you played this game so well. I usually admire these people who can earn a lot of gold; my attitude on you changed a lot. I thought perhaps you loved me, because I could feel.
Gradually I did not know why this admiration became love. Later I heard from my brother that you had a girl friend. I was really depressed. I knew you treated me so well just because you were the best friend of my brother or at most you just regarded me as your sister.
I do not want you to buy aion gold for me, and I do not what reason I should use to persuade myself. Look, I am still so silly that I can not distinguish love and like. I was more confused.