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Miniwallen Information

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 You must walk a through a long complex tunnel and past Poisen Fields or a single Dragon spawn. The hardest part about hunting in this place is actually being able to get the spawn since everyone always wants to hunt there.
The initial spawn at the front gate can be a bit tricky with the Minotaurs, Minotaur Archers and Minotaur Mages; accompanied by Minotaur Guards all at one time, which you can make for a rude awakening if you, rush in. The idea is to lure as few Minotaurs as possible from the entrance back down to the bridge. You can tie the Minotaur Mages up at the front gate to the third level (aion gold) and not have to worry about them.
If you can find the keys displaced around the town you can lure the Minotaur Mages up the stairs in Thrown Room to the ledge outside or the tower to the south of the room? If you haven't done the postmans quest, don't say anything to Markwin the guy that looks like a Minotaur mage, because he summons a lot of different Minotaurs at once which is part of the quest.