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Offensive weapon is the fastest

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 The formation of offensive weapon is the fastest. We are talking about up to 112 or 113 level, things can change later, but you will not be weapons of problems, and try to learn in online game. Why attacking type is faster? Offensive weapons of attack, 20% aion kinah, they have more weapons base at the same level of DMG, they get more skills to attack, they have more attributes of the DMG, and they are more base point of injury Strait. You simply kill a lot faster.
In the 15 or so you should have 10 vitamins and survival minibuses good in war. In the 20 skills learning milk, but do not point to it. At level 90 you have enough to buff ironskin and you start geting chi elixers from bosses. You should be able to put some controversial 1800 intellectual property rights reflection groupies, but we did not think, until you get a reflection of the star, then you get it, you can decide whether or not to. Article 5 and Article 5 of the same level you will have close to a rare neck Chi anyway.