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Introduction of Cleric in Aion

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The main Cleric star is mine eternal tower in the Aion first healers. If can be equipped with appropriate according to different situations, regardless of the equipment, still single, the game (aion gold) can be PvP types. Cure star in a variety of situations, the task was clear that play the main role of treatment, gain, treatment and resurrection of the task.
To cure for star, the most important ability includes two aspects; one is to adjust the hostile value (aggro ability). It is to gain mana ability. For team game, but the necessary conditions for the survival cure star to adjust, and good aggro team members to save the necessary conditions for the mana ability is. Like in the game and the other players in the team game, dialogue, likes to help others through gain satisfaction from the game, don't like alone in front of the type of player it.but etc, suit to choose a career in game.