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Message to the Asmodian Kindred

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A picture's worth a thousand words, or so they say. A tactical, up-to-date picture of Atreia though? You could skin the toughest Balaur and I'd turn my nose up at its hide for one of them. Imagine: live updates on Dredgion incursions, on Elyos legion formations, on fortress weaknesses and our own assembling battalions.

Lord Azphel no longer sees this as a whimsical dream. He believes--we believe--that such a network of eyes and voices is a necessity for our continued survival. He has ordered the formation of a new unit, a group built to unite and strengthen our resources. This unit, the Inter-Atreian Communications Unit, will operate independently from our main battalions. They will operate as scouts and messengers, reporting to each of us when they have tactical updates that our forces might be able to use.

All we need now is volunteers. Step forward and raise your voice if you wish to strengthen our grasp over this shattered world. Those who do not volunteer for the ICU will not be cast aside; our forces will always need strong shields and swords for the fighting. This is something different, something new.

Blood for blood. Azphel binds us with strength and belief; now we must act to repay our debt.

The Battle Reporter is, in short, a war correspondent that relays stories from his/her server to the masses of These stories, War Reports, are to be written on a sporadic basis and upon completion, submitted to the community team for publish right here on our website.

To apply for a Battle Reporter position within the War Effort programme, send an email to the Aion community team at [email protected], including the following information:

a.       Your full name

b.      Your character/server

c.       A 400 word sample article outlining the past two weeks' most notable events on your server, written in a journalistic and objective fashion.

We will be accepting members to our programme on a continuous basis, and even if the roles of your server are filled for the moment being - there is a capacity of one Battle Reporter per faction and server - we'll keep your details on file and may contact you down the line.

Good luck!