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Place Guide for Level up

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After you have sigh up your character, you will be the player. As a new starter you need to find low level (aion kinah) as your level to kill. So you can go to the north ares or north morte to kill mobs. You can kill mobs till you get level 18.
With your level up, you can change the place to the norak 1st floor or castor 1st floor to kill mobs with low levels mobs when your level 18-28. Then go to heiharp to level up your character. You can go to nunvice dungeon when your level at 34. There have a lot players who are level 45-49 are get tired of nunvice dungeon. So you can go to there if you want fast exp.
Once you are at level 50, you can go to Castor Floor 2; by the way you need to join an Aoe party. Then go to crespo and find an aoe party when you are at level 55. Then go to Crespo Dungeon once you are at level 65.
And you need to go to Python Castle which will give you exp and gets you loads of gold when your level at 80. You will do Python Dungeon at level 90 and until level 115.