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Some Skills Introduction in the game

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The ulimate cursing skill (aion gold) for witch, your opponent could become much weaker when this spell is casted, when maxed it -50 of all the targeted players state. It will go under zero. Normally after casting this skill, you can 4-5 normal kill the targeted player, works on mobs.
Finally, the last skill is covered by the mysteries and it is an aoe att, wut does is that it makes 1 target and 6 surrounded target fall asleep for maximum 18 sec. If the skill is maxed and imagine the ways you can use this skill, use it as a survival skill when you're about to die or pull all mobs on the way fall asleep and rush to boss.
Unlike wizard, who got all her skills are useless after getting terra spear, most mage at skill is still useful for witches even in level 70+, these special ability of witch determines that she can never rush on leveling, and always have to kill green and white mobs before 31 to keep an equivalent income of sp.
This period is easy, most mobs are out side of randol like fox, and wolves will make your satisfaction. You can not have a guardian if you follow your instruction. That is all; hope it could great help to you.