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Character Transfer Update

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Hello Daevas,

We have opened the Character Transfer service for the free move period.

Character transfers will occur during our weekly maintenance periods.
Some of you may have both an Asmodian and Elyos characters on the same server as a result of the merge. You will need to use the character transfer service to resolve this race conflict before we re-enable race restrictions on all servers. Others may be interested in trying another server.

We have highlighted some key features you need to be aware of to ensure that a character transfer runs smoothly. Please check the criteria before you use the character transfer process. Your transfer process will fail if you do not meet the eligibility requirements.

.  The character you wish to transfer must be level 2 or higher.
.  After you transfer a character, you cannot transfer the same character again until 1 full day has elapsed.
.  You cannot transfer a character to a server that already houses a character of the opposing race.
.  You cannot transfer a character that is a member of a Legion. You must leave the Legion before you initiate the transfer process.
.  Items in your account warehouse will not be transferred. You will need to move them into your character inventory or warehouse before initiating the transfer process.
.  You must remove all items from the Auction House broker before you will be able to initiate a character transfer.
.  You cannot transfer a character that has more than 214,100 Abyss points.
.  You cannot transfer a character that has more than 200,000,000 Kinah.
.  There are specific flux-morphing recipes that cannot be transferred.