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Aion Collection in Beltran

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Here has been to rise to 90P in order to go out, of course, would be more depressed after 75P, tarragon not very up points, but do not worry, in the contaminated marsh of Aion, fish can be taken to the 80P, tour the campsite that is it can be adopted, brush up and down in camp 3 points, ran back and forth a few times on the 90P.
Back to the valley to Zhu meter temperature, there was sheeps head will be called to you, we want you to collect tarragon, and other names forgotten, can be 50 +, is the production of alchemists tarragon syrup to get stuff, you capture technique high up level (aion kinah), there will be chances to adopt fresh tarragon, green solution to this is to produce materials, expensive, multi-point taken as medical expenses it.
90P after going to the coast is also a flight point quanta coast, where there is turtles play. The task of shellfish meat here is 90P, and also fruit apricot, but look carefully, in the bushes a bad find, here we choose to 100P, the best 110P, prepared for going muerte, when you are lower level to getting up to the higher levels. You will find a large amount of information that you'll need during the game to become an amazing player possibly even a Supreme player.