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Preview of Online Game

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aion kinah helps me understand this game well.
From the Internet I know that Perfect World entertainment is working to release Ether Saga Online to Western audiences, a stylized and cartoon prequel to the journey into the west, a Chinese folktale.
Starting off, there are three different races in Ether Saga Online. There is the Renzu, which is the basic human race. Then there are the Shenzu and Yaoh, which are gods and animalistic races respectively.
Honestly, each race looks pretty much alike with some minor style differences. Mostly, what race you chose will just give you different quests.
Joining a clan in the game can get you start boosts and extra skills will gain you some sell ffxi gil. This does not seem to play such an important role as most other MMOs, but you will be gaining certain stat boosts and skills for teaming up. While most of the game can be completed solo, joining up with up to five other people to finish an instance will make completion much faster.
There is a very robust pet system; they are actually a very important part of Ether Saga Online. But to do that, they need their pets and sell guild wars gold.
Basically, most every enemy in the game can be captured, and, once under your control, they will fight along with your avatar. They each have their own character stats, as well as weaknesses. Each one is unique and interesting.