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Unique party system

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There is a somewhat unique party system in the game. Every member in the party gets aion gold depending on the class of the party leader, and each member gets an exp bonus when they are near other party members. On top of that, they have a varying looting system and exp share system:
1. Contribution - You get items from a monster depending on how much you damage it in comparison to others. If you were the only one to fight the monster, you automatically get all of it is drops.
2. Round Robin - This automatically split is drops between party members in a random fashion.
3. Free for All - This lets items fall to the ground as normal, allowing anyone to grab them.
4. Contribution - Same as above. The more you damage the monster, the more exp you will get. If you did not damage the monster on this setting, you only get 1 exp.
5. Level Share - This will split exp among party members based on their level.