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New skill at level 48

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 Rangers will obtain a new skill at level 48, Fighting Withdrawal. This does not replace the level 20 Stigma Retreating Slash. Instead, it offers Rangers a chance to free up that Stigma slot with a permanent skill. Part of a chain skill triggered after Remove Shock, Fighting Withdrawal will deal damage to the Rangers target and leap backward from them as well. Clerics will find that the Healing Boost stat will increase heals by a percentage of the base heal amount of aion kinah, granting better survivability. Summon Noble Energies magical power has been reduced, but will be compensated by the increased power pets gain from minestrones.
The Dredging has had its timer reduced to 40 minutes, and all mobs within can see advanced stealth. Additional quests and enemies have been added to the instance, and doors have been added to separate each section, which may only be opened by killing a specific mob. AP rewards will also increase in the Dredging. The UI changes will offer a new LFG function as a sort of in-game bulletin board for groups or heroes looking for partners to adventure. New adjustable quick bars have also been added, as has buyback functionality on all in-game merchants.