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Increase your ability to evade attacks

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 Just like the Chanter, players will find both familiarity and new and interesting twists in the Cleric class. aion gold has made an effort to expand their healing classes to being viable and more importantly fun to play doing something other than healing. While Clerics really shine as healers, they are competent ranged casters as well, therefore making them worth playing, even if healing isnt what a player is interested in.
While engaging in Combat, not only will you need to attack and damage your opponent, but you will also need to defend yourself from their attacks. To do this, a myriad of equipment is available to your character, generally based on class. In addition to armor and weapons, the way you move your character. While moving forward, your character will receive a bonus to damage inflicted, however you will also be more vulnerable to attacks. Moving backwards will increase your parry and block defense, but lower the power of your attacks. Strafing, or moving side to side, around your opponent will increase your ability to evade attacks.