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Gain some experiences

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 To beginners, it is a little difficult to gain aion gold. So the following are some methods for you to gain some experiences. Firstly, focus on quests. Doing quests is a better way than grinding. It is less boring than grinding. Also, grinding is applicable to the later levels. Besides, quests are repeated very often, which will make you have a decent influx of money.
Even though the linear progression of the different worlds, their landscapes and their characters are same, the story and the tone of gold differ between different worlds. The game combines PvP and PvE in a fantasy game environment. A unique system called Stigma works as a way for players to develop their characters, not only vertically but also horizontally, while they gain experience. With the help of this system will also be able to steal abilities from other classes, and thus able to create unique combinations of skills.