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New Forum Categories

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We have updated the official Aion forum with new forum categories to reflect the post-merge server list. Using these new sections, you can connect with the players in your future server and make new friends before the servers have even merged!

You can still visit, read, and write in the old server forums, and you will be able to do so for some time. The old sections have become subforums inside the new server forums temporarily. However, these old section will eventually be phased out. For this reason, we recommend that you wrap up any discussions that are in progress in the old server forums and begin using the new server forums.

The new forum sections are:

New Perento
- Perento
- Kahrun
- Kalil

New Spatalos
- Spatalos
- Gorgos

New Telemachus
- Telemachus
- Castor

The "New" prefix is not part of the actual server names, but we decided to designate them that way in these new sections to distinguish them from the old sections.

Since the new server forums will host a much larger server population, it's even more important than before that you heed the Forum Rules & Guidelines.

Enjoy your new server community!