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Crafts you make in Aion

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aion kinah I think you must have seen is very useful in the game, even more you may buy it for your demand, and you can go to understand what it is. If you have played it, I think you may its own effects, and also you can come to connect me to buy some cheapest gold. Especially, I hope my method can help you, and I would like to share with you, at the same times, we can improve together. This section is designed to provide each process can create, how difficult or expensive it is to craft, and who is the process itself is good. Alchemy is used to create potions in Aion, scrolls, Monotones, ball and spell books. In addition to the ball and the spell books, all the works are regarded as a commodity. Therefore, they are not very difficult process, and not many sales of precision. At any time, you can find syrup, hand scroll, Monotones through trade broker. In addition, the drafting materials of these projects can easily find the good. The main perks of Alchemy are having access to your own potions, scrolls, and Monotones. Something we all use frequently and may not want to have to buy and to create orbs and spell books if you are of the Mage class. We would not suggest picking Alchemy to simply craft orbs and spell books to sell, as there are better crafts for that. We strongly suggest picking up Alchemy if you are of the Mage class, and simply suggest it for those who gather lots of herbs and want to use them for something. One negative for being an Alchemist is that it requires lots of inventory/bank space.