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Conquer Aion Fire Temple

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You are supposed to kill one of the mobs and left the other one aside and stand close to the wall to avoid it. Go up and you will see several fire element mobs and wait in a safe place until a patrol mob comes close. Kill the patrol mob and carefully pass from the space between the mobs from two sides. After you successfully pass the upper area, you will see two fire mobs, kill them all. And be cautious to the possible patrol mob. At left side of the wall, you will see a single mob stand here, kill him and wait for silver blade Rotund. When it comes, kill it and go forward. Then stay close to the left wall, and stand in this point, follow the arrow and pay attention to your distance from the mobs at right side. Stay in the position as the follow picture, wait for the patrol mob and kill it. Look forward, another patrol Golem is waiting for you. Go forward from the center of the road, keep distance with the mobs at each side. Kill the two mobs in the follow picture and stand in the position where the two golems stand and then go forward via the edge of the cliff. I hope this is useful for you guys. If you have any question to buy aion kinah and Aion power leveling service from our website, just contact with our customer service! I wish you a nice day.