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How we used to be

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I do not know that in this game or in the other place, in the end is the important thing is the spirit of life is more important. You can tell me that phrase, from then on, and that is my belief, I support the move until we are further and further away.
Once we go to earn the aion gold together and then you will take me to kill the monsters to add my experience. We were very happy in this game before and we both liked to play the game very much.
That day is my friend help me, you take him to the next color. I sat next to the computer, waiting for you. Know what? When I know that you were dead. At that moment I only wanted to have a lot of World of Warcraft Gold to rescue you. I do not want to you are dead. You have a half-day, I ignore you, I am not disappointed because I know you took me in and tried to run the body. I let him put all the scrolls give you added, he did not. At that time, I really have the heart to kill him.
You do not upgrade to take me there to do the task, you cited a group of neither fish nor fowl totem, I really worry about it! Night package that we remember that day; I want to get more and more warcraft gold to help you.
I want to upgrade with you and if we have the money we can go to buy some equipment and then we can become strong in this game. To pay all the tasks I was not thirty eight. We went for the task. And then pay back when I had thirty eight.
You laugh and that is going to die! Know? At that time, I was silent for the gas you! You come with me to upgrade and go to Sell Knight online Noah together. I miss the before and how we used to be, I like the game very much.
Sometimes if we go to kill the more and more monsters we can get some Sell Mabinogi Gold as the rewards in this game. I know you in this game I feel I am very happy and now I want to come back before but it could not be the before.
At last I only want to say that if I can play this game again I will be very happy because I like the game very much. I also believe that if you play this game you will like it too.