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Money Making Guide for new players

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 Dear players, here we provide you plenty of ways to make money. Have a look as that can help you playing this game.
1) Match Rewards
You will get money and rewards from matches 98% of the time, as well as experience. You will always receive material rewards from stockpile, provided that you have picked up at least one container. These materials you can sell to other players and to vendors, or use to level (aion kinah) your craft.
2) Tournaments
No matter where you place in the tournament, you will always receive a monetary and material reward for your efforts. The better you place, the better items you will receive.
3) Crafting
Every craft has items that can be sold. There are dozens of new accounts, if not players, being created every day that are in need of even low level items. Even Mod Kits are bought on the auction house, while what you must note is that those are best vendored.