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The Fastest way to upgrade

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 For example, level up from 1 to 15 with aion gold, your vagrant levels the most boring. Unlike job change leveling as a vagrant does not give increased exp bonus with an advanced party. In fact the best way to level as a vagrant is with a ringmaster, commonly referred to as a rm. buffing you being the most important for a vagrant will increase your kill speed dramatically. When being buffed to 15 I advise to put all points into strength to increase damage, the haste buff will give you the speed and accuracy you need for the low level mobs. Kill high level mobs at level 1 will give you level 3 straight of the bat. Continue with the 7-8 levels above own level pattern until level 12.At level 12 enter the Mas Dungeon. In here you can kill the mutant feferns for slightly double the exp of bangs, whose levels closely represent.
You are able to kill fast if leveling without buffs stick to mobs. Never kill mobs the same level as you, or under this is a waste of time as it cuts exp % on top of the fact that it is a low level mob which already gives less exp. put all strength points until level 10. Once you start fighting lawolf you will finally get your first miss hit as lower level mobs you can not miss on. Choose to continue adding strength or if you want to move onto feferns faster add dex until level 15.