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Special instructions in Aion

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 The current analysis of a large number of battlefield report, in a bottom branches of the military situation, the less the total of their own troops, more troops closer to minimize the loss, but be careful do not let a small number of troops to attack defensive positions is not enough Oh, the loss will be heavy in Aion.
Special Instructions for game (aion gold): 1. To reduce the loss forces the most effective way is to let troops attack bonus as much as possible to improve, including technology, alliances addition, props addition, etc. 2. Against any one can not have a fixed base troops programs, and their various links Addition decisive, such as seven friends in high positions Union Addition God Archer, Level 50-70 can be laid, but some friends may God Archer also played no less than 150 7 positions, so there is no plan to send troops for any player, only sending troops for their program, we need more analysis of the actual situation according to their own battlefield report, to determine their own best option. Closer analysis of the two playing seven positions battlefield report will find that the higher the losses are not always the less offensive, but to a reasonable number of arrangements for their own bottom arms.