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Information for Level 76 Caster

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Here we introduce you the Caster at level 76.
First we introduce you Armors at that level; character has all top upgrades for his level. Best gears for his level +10 kilt, +11 armor, +10 weapon 5% Physical resistances stone upgrade on armor , level 3 skill block upgrade , maximum life +10% upgrade , defense upgrade prayer stone level 3, All armor has been upgraded for PVP ready. Character has also all premiums pack Items (aion gold). Character caster class highly effective in PVP one of the best caster class to deal out Mass AOE damage to several enemies. X2 10% HP ring premium pack, Defense rings = x2.
The character has been fully customized gear wise for PVP. Lot of valuable stone level 3 prayer stones, medium healing potions loads 40% recovery , and a couple of level 4 and level 3 elemental stone in bank, level 3 Attack stones , level 3 mana stone, level 3 life stone, 2 physical resistance stones level 3. 60 Reinforcement potion, Around 20 million gold in bank, 3 banks full of items of various sort, Maximum life level 3 stones + much more Stamina increase stone level 3 in the bank also has several armors in Alt banks ranging from 60 to 76.