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Tips for Aion

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NCSOFT: Dragon, not something you can use the role character (aion gold). The third race will be in the abyss where to see and to abyss-day family-centered and Mozu outbreak of war, Dragon will also participate in the war. For example in order to siege warfare for example, if the day is occupied with the city family, Mozu be to attack, then suddenly when the war Dragon, and to Mozu blow this is possible. And the Dragon can themselves siege. Then-day family and Mozu can work together out of the Maronite city.
Question: development team would like to learn more about the interaction between the stress systems.
NCSOFT: with the last E3 said it, "interaction" refers to the game world and the player interaction means. For example, the heavens, the main players fight monsters, which will bring what results? For example, dragons concentrated in places fight boss to a certain time, then, dragons are no longer there, it will appear more powerful female dragon. As the new group's debut monster, storm out of the related items will be different.  Like this are in the "mutual influence" of the name for the adventure.