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Army chief in Aion

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Among the three devices and a normal left to play on the line, the last one on the right side of the remote play on OK, not bad at that time, four individuals to fight the insurance point better. Legion Zhang, we usually sing we bow to resist, avoid fine when gas absorption on the line, not the gun sword sing slow output of hatred, is responsible for clearing Xiaoguai group, can be easily adopted in Aion. Sources of revenue: income mainly from the Army here, a long sword fish scale, there are two belts. Out an income per person without any problems for more than 1000W, As the last B-class BOSS, equipment trading more difficult, if outside equipment to sell out, which things do not sell on, after all, difficult to find buyers, if the outside not a thing that can properly shouting numerous, the ability to see there are no buyers flew in to buy aion kinah. The overall yield good black, after all, also more than two hours, and their total equipment to play, it is proposed that Members can try lots of money, we are black this income has more than 3E +. The following reference price to all equipment issued to you, after we have bought and sold at reasonable price obtained. Then we give up, then began shouting buyers. So that we can not waste time, affect the final copy of the evaluation, and blame all gone, buyers will come in particularly convenient to buy aion gold.