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The Class of Warrior

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Warriors can grow into fighters with maximized attack power or knights with exceptional defense power. Knights are one of superior classes of Warrior, which have grown up from the great adventurers. Knight has the advantages of gears of war, in addition to their physical strength is more important. Improved Weapon (aion kinah) and armor, but also allow them to more balanced state. Gear satisfied with their interests, Knights are always looking for more combat equipment, not training its own force. With the maximum power is achieved using the shield of national defense, Knight demonstrated outstanding escorted duties or defensive combat capability. There are others who constantly strive to improve the physical strength, rather than relying on combat gear. They have a firm belief in gear may be lost or disappear, but their bodies can not. They have a very strong body, and to pour out their heavy weapons by the tremendous force. Through their tremendous physical strength and strong body, soldiers do not hesitate one second to save their endangered continent. Warrior is the best beat in the bills on their energy and concentration of power.