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Guide for your guild in the game

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We hope it helps answer the question about healing potential for each class. Remember, in the first part we are subtracting off the green, blue, and big, all classes have the same average big heal, cones base effect for cone feats, so that is why Nature's Wrath and Faithful of Sets contributions are the way they are.
Let's have some fun with numbers and compare the net healing/protection for each class (aion gold). We will consider a hypothetical minute of highest quality healing from each priest, ignoring the cone HoT big heal but not the augmentations, and respecting the additional healing from each priest.
We will assume that all healing is single target; all the extra heals are enemy curses, anyway. The burst from the cone will occur three times per minute, count dmg absorbs as heals, count miss chance as evade chance, and scale damage reduction miss evade by duration divided by cool down.