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Leveling 1-10 strategy

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When you start the first few levels, you have to learn the controls and stuff. Anyway, you want to hit any monster except blue and red. The blue are so low that you get minimal points. The red name monsters may be too high and you get killed. From Level 1 to level 10, if you die you do not lose xp or sp. When you look at your stats, you will see stat points and go to your Master to get skills. Always when you get the passive skills you can see how many points you need for the next skill you want.
You can not do PvP until you reach level (aion gold) 16. So no one can kill you till then. But at level 5, you can start getting the armor. And makes it easier to kill you can learn how to smelt now to get the + for your weapon. When you are level 10, you must get a guardian. However, if you play a few hours a week or a lot, if you make level 20 in 10 days you can get an event weapon.
You can make up to 4 characters in one account. So, if you are disappointed in what you did or messed up, start over. Then go to the storekeeper and put all your character's stuff there, gold, armor, weapons, and dirty underwear there. You start a new character and then the new one can get all the old character's stuff. If you decide to change class, you can sell the other stuff, which will takes 24 hours, real time, until your character will be deleted. So you can go back and undelete that character in this time frame.