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Guide To Noble Soul

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I think you need game gold to play if you like play game, and aslo you will be able to make great progress. Basically to get a GK title, you need to outstrip your BK title. What this means is that if you have Dark Heart, you CANNOT get Brave Heart due to them being the same level title and BK overriding GK. So once you get this into your head - yes, the path to a high GK title is very long, expensive and not for those who give up or die easily So in order to outstrip your BK, you basically have only one option and that is masked PKs (PKing people who are wearing masks.) You get 30 GK and 5BK, so your GK count will always be higher. The problem after that though is that you need to "clean" out your BK (take it to zero or sub 1000). The reason for this is the requirement for Noble Soul is 10,000 GK whilst Ignoble Soul is only 1,000 GK. So when you get a mask PK, you get a 6:1 ratio of GK:BK but to have noble soul, you need at minimum, a 10:1 ratio. So you gotta get rid of some BK. The best way to do this is to either a) get PK'd a lot by people 24+ levels higher than you or b) die a lot  . Dying is a very expensive (in terms of GK lost) but very quick way of minimising your BK. You lose GK and BK equal to your level/10 so I suggest doing this right after you level so you don't lose exp. Also don't have a high BC  So the following calculations will use these parameters.

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