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Divine Fortress First Five

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The Divine Fortress crowns the Abyss much like the golden head of a dandelion flower crowns the plant's tender stalk. The ability to successfully siege and capture it requires organization, dedication, and genuine skill. Almost 10 months have passed since Aion was released in North America and Europe, and since then, you have managed to capture the Divine Fortress nearly 10 times.

24/04/2010: Suthran Server (FR)
We were all, in a way, holding our breaths in anticipation of the first Western capture of the Divine Fortress. When word first reached us in the NCsoft West offices, we were immediately overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. It didn't come as a surprise that the first capture was made on the Suthran server. Suthran was, after all, home to some of MMO gaming's powerhouses, including the legions Origine and Millenium.

06/06/2010: Vidar Server (FR)
During the darkest hours of the night between June 6 and 7, the Balaur were overthrown once again and ousted from their precious Divine Fortress. This time the capturing side was the Asmodians, and this made the event a Western first in its own right. The coalition of Asmodians responsible for this feat battled under the banner of the Asmodian Alliance of Vidar.

12/06/2010: Kromede Server (DE)
The German players on Kromede beat those on the Telemachus server by less than 10 minutes when they managed to eradicate the sturdy defences of the Divine Fortress. An Elyos-wide alliance of players, ultimately tagging the fortress with the banner "For Elyos," fought hard against both Balaur and Asmodians to make it happen. There's no interview up to dive into, but you can watch a video with commentary in German.


12/06/2010: Telemachus Server (UK/EN)
The top legions on Telemachus have always run a tight ship, whether it's been Elysean legions, such as eXistence, BOON Control, or Section IX, or Asmodian ones, such as Vengeance of the Fallen or UnreaL. (Unfortunately, we don't have room here to mention them all.) Therefore, we were not surprised that the legions of Telemachus were among those responsible for crushing the gates of the Divine Fortress first among European English-speaking servers.

This was no small accomplishment by a few, but rather a huge effort by the entire Elyos faction. It's a shame they missed third place by just 10 minutes!


20/06/2010: Triniel Server (NA)
The first North America capture happened recently when a force known as the Elysean Council led over 300 Elyos players to capture the Divine Fortress. According to an interview with some of the most prominent leaders of the raid, the most difficult challenges came from keeping the PUG (pick-up group) raid alliances together and happy while taking down the additional mobs spawned after the 50% HP line was crossed.

Asmodian forces managed to take Kysis Fortress while the Elyos were occupied with the Divine Fortress siege, and the Elyos were quick to emphasize that while the Divine Fortress capture was an important accomplishment, the game is far from over for them.

A special mention goes out to the Asmodians on Gorgos and the Elyos on Thor, Azphel, and Lumiel who were all able to successfully siege the Divine Fortress mere days before this article was written and published.