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The trap of bow star

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aion gold can improve our level, and we can make full use of them. If you have some interest in gold, we welcome you to our website to buy it. I think you can make great progress in the game, because I have tried my best to share my experiences, hope that can help you.
This time you will know some traps, if you learn it, you will avoid being killed, and also you can enter into one high level. The first trap is glue trap which is the most primitive trap and control strange choice for absolute good skills, both single fights, copy, and control strange emergency kites are a good thing can help you earn a lot of money. The second is highly toxic trap which early I used more rarely, now I basically use the CD and glue it overlapping, we will use it when single killing bugbears and fight, this trap is very good, and usually have arrows instead of using highly toxic.
The third is explosive trap, however, this skill can not make money, so rarely used it. The forth is bound trap, but I have given up it, because it used the attack about automatically unlock after constraint is a time when I use glue or replaced with a group tied. The fifth is dust trap, I feel better with a particular time and the sword of the cut. We went to magic whole killing, using the dust, the soldiers asked what feelings, said soldiers did not feel. But star team and kill, kill anti strange star when the treatment increases the blood, if you have a strange not to put a dust to refuse, he said, it is very good effect. I can give you a dust summary, and you need make full use of it. This slows down the other side singing justifiable, and especially the BOSS to fat major skills, they can give you the opportunity to walk around thinking, to dodge high people will feel easy to use, other than cutting, particularly in group attacks, it played a big role.