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As it looks promising

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                                                              As it looks promising
   Aion is a visually stunning massively multiplayer online role-playing game, where you ascend to divinity and fight in a celestial war. Wield divine powers to bring deliverance to your people and restore balance to a world shattered by cataclysm. Prepare yourself for power and privilege in an epic online adventure you'll take with thousands of other players and spread your wings to claim your rightful place among the immortal legions of Atreia! In the Aion online, there is no do not have aion kina or poor argument, only rest with the lazy and the diligent.
   In the beginning of the world, 'Atreia' was a single world formed around 'the Tower of Eternity'. As the first creation of 'Atreia', the 'Draconic' race becomes arrogant with more strengthened power. They stand against the Creator and turn into a threat against 'Atreia' itself. Hence, the Creator sent aion online kina to the world to face the draconic race and protect the root of the world, 'the Tower of Eternity'. However, the world becomes devastated after a lengthy war without either side showing dominance.
   As the sudden cataclysm destroys AION-the Tower of Eternity, the draconic race is forced out of Simabandha and 'Atreia' is divided into two worlds that are unable to understand each other again. If you want to come into one world, you must choose a career first, you can kill the ogre or pick up grass and minerals to change for the aion gold. The divided two worlds become 'the Angelic realm' and 'the Demonic realm' and they are each under a bitter struggle to destroy the other side's remaining tower for its own ideal protection and survival. In this endless battle, the existence of the draconic race constantly threatens the existence of the two races and provides a cause to prolong the endless struggle of the Angelic race, Demonic race and the draconic race.
   In addition, the destruction of 'the Tower of Eternity' destabilized the energy flow of the world and a realm called the 'Abyss' was created. The Abyss is a mystery passage between the two worlds created after the great cataclysm. To save the world need a lot of advantage equipments, some players even buy aion kina, the price is too high. When the Abyss opens up, the Angelic and Demonic realm's accumulated hatred for each other is amplified and the reemergence of the draconic race foretells yet another big war. Also, secrets hidden from the Angelic race and Demonic race that may allow them to control the Abyss start to be revealed one by one.
   Now, players who are born as human in the Angelic and Demonic realm can prove that they are the chosen ones to become a Daeva. They fulfill their mission as both protector and advocate for the higher Gods that they revere, and protect ordinary citizens who respect them. In the end, the goal is to become the greatest God and to save the world by defeating the other side, who threatens the cheap aion kina of the world they belong to.