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First Closed Beta Event Soared

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The first closed beta event for Aion took flight from June 5-7, 2009. Thousands of players logged in and pounded on the server, NPCs, and quests to give the game its first big test of server stability and infrastructure - and Aion ran smoothly all weekend long.

Legions of eager testers created characters to venture into the lands of the Elyos for the first time. A number of players were in high spirits and provided fantastic feedback on their initial encounter with the world of Atreia.

"The game itself...I am in love with it."

"It's the best first day of a closed beta I've seen."

"Looks really impressive. Looks like we could spend a weekend on character creation alone."

Ten Ton Hammer also shared their favorite impressions of Aion, providing an in-depth look at the first closed beta event.

"Aion could quite possible be the first Korean MMO to make a major impact on the North American market."

Thank you to all participants for sharing your view! The Aion quality assurance and customer service teams are busy catching up on all of the comments, reports, and constructive feedback from this first event to provide an even better experience for upcoming beta events and beyond.

Stay tuned to the official Aion web site and Twitter for announcements on the next closed beta event (June 19, 2009), including the focus of testing and your chance to be a part of it!