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Aion : Closed Beta 2 Begins June 19th!

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The event is scheduled to start Friday, June 19th (9:00 PM CEST, 8:00 PM BST, noon PST) and to end on Monday, June 22nd (8:59 AM CEST, 7:59 AM BST, Sunday 21st 11.59 PM PST). In CBT2 we will want to focus on the very first area of Asmodae and have therefore set the level limit to 10, primarily to make sure it's properly run through, but also to allow testers to stop and perhaps smell the flowers more, to dive into the quests and quest texts more carefully and to better explore the arch-classes. More information will come shortly and more beta events are definitely set to arrive in the future, so stock up on those canned beans (okay, maybe something else) and stay tuned!