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Aion copy of the S-class bow Dark Star Raiders

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 Many do not believe the S-class team with a short bow of blood continued poor, but good teams do not care what kind of multi-zone output. After all with aion gold, God of only four individual towers can be overturned. Star bow top equipment output is actually not bad where to go. After all, over BUFF1100 + attack is placed in the bow and that's not the length of the sword so you can ROLL buffer under the melee weapons on the needs of our heroic team configuration, the sword the size of star guard Magic Way bow milk. Read BOSS team slayer Road rage exploded outside the output of the full pressure of the blood of all. I believe that many teams are using this play. Under the arch of stars in that brand of equipment and armor, Deba (violent attack), Dragon will bow longbow +10 or Deba, equipment differences I would like to stone God is not weapons, 2% in 1880, the first aissey jewelry heated kang Soulstone Nekes ring Kariton bun branded line I chose is the wind I have a habit of shooting skill level card press was more than just enjoyable brand of used Fury also very effective. This mainly depends on your personal habits. Anyway, sleep arrows mark the priority attacks that do not install the final course of the next most important play is for reference only. Team to enter the last room and under the main T to survive the first one started out about 8 seconds I do not get too powerful attacks with wind bursts sets of locks, 4 stable output skills, attention, slow down the pace of output about the best, a few shot put 1 skill level, stage 1 of the blood, I use the Deba install suffer in the past, 2, were stabbed from the next beat the 8500 + psychological shadow. Phase I has put fear into base install heated kang key is to give some blood BOSS hit me less, reducing the pressure even if the Custodian being named, thus playing more than 1,000 red blood eat, went back to full. Output is as smooth as possible, not attached by crazy skills to gain aion gold.