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About the levels in online game

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Once an account is created, players are able to log in to a server and choose a character to begin the game. All characters start at level 1 and initially level up through very simple introductory quests designed to teach the player about the game.
Among this, aion gold is necessary. These quests take a few minutes to complete and will give a new player an idea of how to move, control their character and other simple concepts.
At level 10 a character can choose a specific first class related to the character they chose. A Lance character can become an Explorer, Hunter or Swordsman, for example. See "Advanced Classes" further down for more explanation.
There are two guild types one can join or make: a Navy Guild or a Pirate Guild. Both have their benefits and obviously oppose each other. To create a guild the player must have one hundred thousand pieces, and then you need buy sell ffxi gil, reached level 40, and have obtained the Stone of Oath item. It is most reasonable to join a guild only after level 40 because most people do not want newbies (low level characters) on their guild as this will be disadvantageous during a guild event.
After joining or making a guild, you can participate in guild wars. Guilds bid to fight each other and reap the benefits of being able to buy sell guild wars gold from special NPCs as well as other benefits, such as status.