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First focus on the Nekes chains

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 The next copy of it, to present a copy of a copy of the difficulty and most of the players on the familiarity with aion gold, basically have no use focus, of course, is not no point to use, but it is not obvious. However, given the 2.0 pioneers or simply want to stack the high concentration in response to various accidents, the hats still start value. Of course, given the high cost cap, high-end nanny proposal to start one, do not take a comfortable 48 Daren chains also make do, not very different, after all, that several points just to concentrate. Then is the focus of use, all knows that the high concentration of the caster can not easily be interrupted, but the lack of specific relationship is not clear what. In my own experience, the following examples as examples are jewelry, armor focus on the elastic properties do not do nothing to discuss: one pair of veteran tears (+41 * 2) / time of the diamond ring (+32 * 2) is hard to eat 1000 about the harm, is a veteran nurse Artifact tears, behind the blue ring is the second highest concentration of a substitute. Plus two blue earrings (+49 * 2) / Heroes Tears (+53 * 2) and the critical comments of belt (+33) / Wola En belt (+32, family day limit), can cope 2000-3000 damage, damage that is Dela Kan skills. ps, earrings proposed election  , the cost is very high, or tears in the cost for 50 players is too low, empathy belt also suggested Wola En's. Based on the plus in front of a mountain chain of the first copper (blue +70, +86 gold) / disciplinary chain head (+88, family day limit) can not be guaranteed a hit fluctuations Neural Tree interrupted, not A long break (repel effect is not), not to be b-level boss addition to the skills outside the magic ball break (as the self-heated kang, big magic ball hard occasionally to eat), not to be violent awakening of God except one Click (5000 + unable to support croatan injury, several other food to live, but you add not live) outside the state of non-additional skills to interrupt (which means you can scope down and air after the first red binding Add up the blood, and then save those stations bad teammate) ps, the high concentration of the first, except Nekes, do not add the whole blood, which means in addition to be under the copy will not be used, so cash-strapped wild nurse who w buy blue flowers were dozens of chains under the head can make do.